Who are We?

Opacus Technologies is a tech startup incubated at Wennovation Hub. We are a software development company that seeks to use our products bridge the gap between business owners and consumers. Africa's information gap on the Internet is well known. This hurts businesses as well as they do not reach most of their target market.

The Internet has a huge potential for business but African business owners are not maximising this potential to interact with their target market. Opacus Technologies is stepping to step in to address this. At Opacus Technologies, we do this by building platforms with active user engagements and maximising business visibility to there users. We also help with Social CRM and work together with businesses by providing analytics and and consultancy services to help improves these business.

Our products are designed bearing in mind the technical capabilities of African population. Our products are designed to be simple and minimalistic. Simplicity is a watchword in design at Opacus Technologies.

The Team

Diji Adeyemo is the Chief Executive Officer of Opacus Technologies. He has a B.Sc of Computer Science, University of Ibadan. Diji is seasoned technology professional with over 5 years of experience in development of web applications and intelligent systems. He possesses great strategic and analytic abilities.

Tayo Rabiu is the Head of Operations of Opacus Technologies. He has a B.Sc of Computer Science, University of Ibadan. He relevant experience working with Sterling Bank and Bank PHB.

Dara Adeyemo is the Chief Marketing Officer of Opacus Technologies. He currently studies at Chemistry the University of Ibadan. He is the Vice President of University entertainment company, Crystal Entertainment and also served as Head of Operations, Ibadan at OneEvent Architects.

Abiola Ibrahim is the Chief Technical Officer at Opacus Technologies. He graduate of Computer Science at the University of Ibadan. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer. He is profient in a host of programming languages. He has several years of experience with software engineering and building web and mobile applications.